Project Completion:

Nov. 2005


Project Highlights:

Cost of Service and Rate Design Study


Policy Review


Financial Planning


Transitional Implementation Plan

Water and Wastewater

Cost of Service and Rate Design Study


WRM successfully completed a Cost of Service and Rate Design Study for the City of Pecos, Texas.  WRM served as a subconsultant to Incode, Inc. to perform this analysis. In order to meet the City’s objectives, the project was completed in under thirty days. WRM developed cost of service based fees as well as a transitional implementation plan, for a five-year period. The City had not raised rates in over ten years, and has had a decrease in consumption due to a drop in population. Further, the City’s utility system has deteriorated causing a need for substantial rehabilitation on the system. The project team worked with the City in preparing a long-term financial plan designed to allow the City to meet its future goals and obligations and address these challenges.


Joseph Torres

City of Pecos

City Manager

P: (432) 445-2421


110 E 6th

Pecos, Texas 79772

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