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WRM has an established track record of superior performance. Click on the headings below to see a partial list of clients.


Cost of Service and Rate Design Studies

WRM specializes in financial planning for water and wastewater utilities and cost of service and rate design studies.  WRM utilizes a comprehensive approach to identify current and future financial obligations of the utility, and develops a financial plan to ensure the utility is able to recover the required revenue and designs rates which allows the utility to meet its long-term goals.


Impact Fee Analysis

Impact fees can be an effective growth management tool; impact fee revenues are used to offset financial burdens that new growth imposes on a utility.  This “pay as you go” financing tool may help to improve the financial position of the utility.  Implementation of a impact fee program is key to long-term success as the utility must comply with state statues in how the fee is calculated, charged, and how the funds are utilized.


Construction Management

WRM offers extensive direct experience in planning, implementing and managing water and wastewater capital improvements projects.  From developing a Strategic Master Plan for your capital improvements to project close-out, WRM offers a wide variety of services to help meet our client’s capital improvements needs. We actually become an extension of your staff, complimenting and augmenting your internal resources.